Now Is The Time To Connect SOLIDWORKS To The Cloud

There are many reasons in today’s world to consider a move to cloud-based software. Maybe you are working from home, have design teams in different locations or maybe you just want to work more closely with external vendors. No matter what the reason, there has never been a better time or product to make your transition to the cloud easy.

How does having a cloud-based strategy help your organization? In a cloud-based strategy, your data is hosted on cloud-based servers allowing it to be accessed from anywhere. No longer is it out of the question to access your SOLIDWORKS data from the airport, coffee shop, or when you are at a customer site and need to interact with the data for better communication with your customer. Managing SOLIDWORKS data on the cloud does not require the purchase of servers, nor does it require you to maintain them.

Connecting SOLIDWORKS to the cloud is done by adding 3DEXPERIENCE Roles to your SOLIDWORKS installation. 3DEXPERIENCE roles add the ability to collaborate and manage this data on a cloud-based server to give you access from anywhere. No IT, no servers is no problem because the infrastructure is included in your purchase.

3DEXPERIENCE can add many valuable tools to your product development process but there are two fundamental concepts that it will bring to all SOLIDWORKS users. 3DEXPERIENCE has built-in data management tools to allow revision control and lifecycle management. Note the two images below of a drawing accessed from SOLIDWORKS and the same drawing from a browser. Both methods of accessing allow you to manage the data.

Connecting SOLIDWORKS To The Cloud screenshot 1
Connecting SOLIDWORKS To The Cloud screenshot 2

Second, the data is accessible anywhere. As you can see in this image, I am able to access the same drawing on my cell phone. This has significant effects on how I work because I can be more mobile with the data, such as working at a customer’s site and being able to pull up real-time data.

Having a cloud-based data management strategy will have immediate effects on your business. This begins with your ability to react to collaborating on the data in real-time. This versatility impacts the speed of your design processing and the quality of your interactions internally and externally. This is all accomplished with no added IT overhead. If you are interested in digging deeper, reach out to your CADimensions account manager today.