SOLIDWORKS Cloud Offer – Power and Mobility

Engineers and hobbyists are demanding more versatility as they choose CAD systems. Mobility and power are important in keeping them competitive in today’s world. SOLIDWORKS Cloud offer now gives you a new product choice when looking at the SOLIDWORKS product lineup. But is it right for you? Continue reading as I explain what is in SOLIDWORKS Cloud Offer and how it provides power and mobility to your design process. You can then determine if it is the right fit for you.


SOLIDWORKS CLOUD offer Includes:

  • 3D Creator - Parametric Design
  • 3D Sculptor - Freeform Design
  • 3D Sheet Metal Creator - Sheet Metal Design
  • 3D Structure Creator - Structural Design
  • Manufacturing Definition Creator - Detailing for Manufacturing
  • 3D Render - Rendering
  • Collaborative Industry Innovator - Life Cycle and Data Management
  • Collaborative Business Innovator - Collaboration

Power and Mobility

SOLIDWORKS Cloud applications are launched from a browser. Each application is carefully designed with new technology like a single modeling environment. This environment ensures there is no need to worry about a part or assembly. Furthermore, they have incorporated many of the favorite tools from SOLIDWORKS Desktop. This gives it the power and mobility that one should expect in a CAD system.

Is SOLIDWORKS Cloud The Right Solution For You?

The SOLIDWORKS CLOUD Offer will provide startups and technophiles a genuine place to begin. Furthermore, if any of the statements describe you, then you must take a look at SOLIDWORKS Cloud.

  • You have a cloud strategy to eliminate the overhead costs of local hardware.
  • You love using the latest and greatest software.
  • You want to free yourself from the dependence on hardware.
  • You want to simplify CAD maintenance and eliminate installation.
  • You want to access your files and CAD software anywhere.