New Training Offering: Intro to SOLIDWORKS


Introduction to SOLIDWORKS is a one day (8 hour) instructor led class preparatory course for the SOLIDWORKS Essentials Class we offer here at CADimensions. This course is intended for users who are new to CAD and focuses on understanding the basics of parametric modeling, sketching and extrusion techniques, as well as acquainting the user to the interface of SOLIDWORKS.

Who The Class Is Intended For

If you or an employee have not used CAD, this class reviews the basics of SOLIDWORKS, such as familiarizing you with the user interface, customization options, and basic sketching and modeling techniques. This one-day class is designed to introduce you to the software and get you comfortable with the layout of the program. It also goes over some critical methods of the design process, and how to plan out your design intent efficiently. By learning these important design guidelines right from the start, this encourages good modeling habits that will help you or your employees build more robust models. Robust models  can be updated down the road when changes are required, and have a better chance of rebuilding successfully without or with minimal errors. While these skills are also covered in the 5-day Essential class as well, Intro to SOLIDWORKS offers additional explanations and practice to instill these important techniques. 

What to Expect In Class 

The class is composed of instruction time, where we review topics such as user interface navigation, new tools, techniques, and terminology. After each lesson, the class breaks for exercises. During exercises, the students work on provided exercises to familiarize themselves with the content covered in the lessons. With the option to share screens, the instructor is able to provide "over the shoulder" help if required. 

Intro Syllabus

How to Register for Training

If you or someone you know would benefit from this Training, please go to and check out the training schedule for the upcoming Intro to SOLIDWORKS classes, as well as the other classes being offered by CADimensions.