How Student Online Learning Helps Narrow the Higher Education and Workforce Gender Gap

Even now there is still a gender gap in today’s workforce. During the pandemic, women felt a hard hit. Many were forced out of the workforce, and studies show that more women than men became unemployed.

Today, that statistic makes room for a vulnerable workforce amid employment recovery. According to the World Economic Forum’s 2022 Global Gender Gap Report, it will now take 132 years for women and men to reach workforce equity in our post-pandemic society.

Though this might appear to be a substantial setback for female professionals, online education can be the solution needed to help accelerate women’s re-entry into the workforce.

Removes Barriers to Learning

When it comes to the Global Gender Gap Report, data in the report from Coursera points to the high potential of online learning to improve gender parity in workforce development and higher education alike. This report states that the number of women engaged in online education rose from 38% in 2019 to 45% in 2021, slowly rising to match men’s participation.

More and more women are leaning toward online higher education because of its low barrier to learning and flexibility. According to a study by the IFC, 60% of women caregivers in foreign countries stated they would have to stop their studies if online learning were not an option.

With the benefit of technology, lower costs, and the ability to take learning with you, it is possible for more women to get the education they need.

Aids In Gender Inclusion for STEM Topics

According to 2022 data gathered by LinkedIn, the jobs with the fastest growth around the world were in the tech and STEM fields. In today’s digital-first world, you’d be hard-pressed to find a job that didn’t involve some understanding of STEM.

Studies show that online educational platforms that focus on building these skills can increase gender equality. Bringing STEM topics to a virtual classroom aid in gender inclusion, drawing in more men and women to science, tech, engineering, and math education. For example, in the Middle East, online enrollment in information and communication technologies for women rose from 9.2% to 16%.

Connects Women to In-Demand Skills

In order to shape a gender-equal workforce, women must have access to (and be encouraged to learn) job skills that are in demand. Student online learning establishes new, nontraditional methods and pathways to connect women with skills that can help them land high-ticket job roles.

Online Training Options

As today’s standards of education continue to evolve, virtual learning will unlock opportunities for women around the globe. As a result, these women will acquire skills and knowledge to fill sought-after job roles and create a more level playing field in the workforce, narrowing the gender divide.

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