Pioneering Hardware Development with Proteus Motion

At Proteus Motion, Paul Vizzio spearheads all hardware-related endeavors, from conceptual brainstorming to prototyping and production management. The Proteus system is a hardware and software platform that enables both measurement and training in three-dimensional space. In all, the company offers innovative solutions for fitness and rehabilitation training, utilizing cutting-edge technology to enhance performance and facilitate rehabilitation processes.

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As the company pivoted towards establishing a more formal structure to support its flourishing product line, the choice of adopting CAD software became paramount. 3DEXPERIENCE emerged as the obvious frontrunner, given its capabilities and versatility which was exactly what the Proteus team needed. Moreover, Proteus Motion faced unique challenges as a startup, notably the absence of IT infrastructure and the imperative for remote work capabilities— the need intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic. The 3DEXPERIENCE cloud-based solution provided an ideal balance of affordability, power, and flexibility, seamlessly integrating into Proteus Motion's workflow. 

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Unlike traditional desktop-based CAD systems, 3DEXPERIENCE facilitated effortless collaboration and remote access across multiple devices. Transitioning to a cloud-based setup was especially advantageous during the pandemic-induced remote work scenario, enabling the Proteus Motion team to remain productive and connected without the logistical challenges of on-premises servers. As the cloud-based platform was being integrated, the CADimensisons team took the lead in simplifying the setup procedure. With our committed assistance, we facilitated a seamless transition, addressing Vizzio's queries promptly and prioritizing the project's success. 

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By leveraging 3DEXPERIENCE, Proteus Motion revolutionized its hardware development process, enhancing collaboration, flexibility, and efficiency. As Vizzio attests, the fluid integration of this powerful platform has significantly expedited project timelines and empowered the team to focus on continuing to reach new heights. With CADimensions' unwavering support, Proteus Motion continues to push the boundaries of hardware development, poised for success in the dynamic landscape of technology and innovation.  

“CADimensions was super great at getting it set up and they were taking calls late at night early in the mornings, responding to my emails kind of all throughout the day. I really felt like we were kind of like a team on that and it was a high priority project for them.” – Paul Vizzio