The Challenges of Modern Data Sharing

How can you make sure that your IP is safe when so much of how we share files is done through digital means?

Sharing data with vendors or customers is nothing new. It used to be the physical transfer of paper but now it is done digitally.  While sharing data digitally is much faster than the old way, it does come with its own set of issues.


While your network and file storage system may be secure, it is possible that the company you are sharing data with is not secure.  With so many different firewalls, antivirus programs, and protocols, it can be difficult to confirm if your data is secure once the information is shared.


One of the biggest issues when collaborating with another company is making sure that everyone is using the same data. It is easy to move a file out of a sync folder or to miss an email with an updated design. This creates the question of whether the users are working with the latest version or if they’re making changes to an old file. This issue becomes even more challenging when you introduce simulation data as it relies on having the correct references, and rerunning a study can be timely and costly.


With so many different software options available, it is possible that the vendor or customer can’t open, read, or edit the files that you are sharing. Converting the file to another format can be done, however, it may limit the functionality of the file or corrupt the data.

Availability & Speed

Currently, shared files have to be packaged together and sent through email or added to a file sharing service. This time-consuming, manual process can be exacerbated when the customer needs access to additional files. They must reach out to you so that you can email or add the file which would then need to be downloaded by the customer, taking up even more time.

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