Stratasys F770: The Latest Large Scale 3D Printer

Introducing the F770 3D Printer; Stratasys’s latest addition to their FDM lineup. This printer is designed specifically to take on big parts and make large-scale 3D printing more accessible and cost-effective. With the longest x-axis available from Stratasys today, and the use of their top-of-the-line soluble support, the F770 provides a way to create accurate and reliable, large-scale parts in a repeatable manner.  

Stratasys F770 Industrial-scale meets affordable

Building on their F123 platform, the F770 takes Stratasys’ unmatched industry expertise and applies it to large-scale printing that is more attainable in a variety of production environments. This new printer allows users to create complex functional parts at an industrial scale with ease and simplicity. By implementing Stratasys’ easy-to-use print processing software, GrabCAD Print, there is no need for specialist training to operate the F770. Incorporating this intuitive software allows engineers to decrease print processing time and devote greater focus on other design and manufacturing processes.

Stratasys F770 machine

Stratasys features its two most popular materials on this new, large format printer. ABS-M30 black and ASA ivory are versatile engineering grade materials which allow users to print large parts reliably at an affordable price point. Another advantage of the F770 is its use of 200 cubic inch capacity coil boxes.  This allows users to operate lights out production without worrying about running out of material overnight.

The F770 also comes equipped with the manufacturing communication protocol, MTConnect, and is compatible with Stratasys connectivity SDKs. These features allow users to easily integrate the printer with existing MES and ERP software applications. This makes the F770 easy to integrate into established smart factory floors.


The F770’s 39”x24”x24” build chamber provides plenty of room to run large-scale parts or batches of smaller parts. Stratasys exhibits top-of-the-line replicability standards for the F770 which highlights an additional production advantage for manufacturers. Along with the many benefits of the F770, users can expect to feel adequately supported by Stratasys’ unmatched customer service as they explore the many diverse benefits of additive manufacturing.