User Productivity Services from CADimensions

Productivity Assessment

Is your team missing deadlines?

Does this cause your company to lose future projects?

Are your SOLIDWORKS users not performing as efficiently as possible?

It may be time to look at your current processes, design practices, or even your hardware. CADimensions Productivity Assessment can dig into these issues that you may be having.

How Does it Work?

Your team would determine up to three users to have an interview with one of CADimensions’ technical experts. They will look at your system specifications, and design practices, and ask for your biggest pain points during your normal working day. Next, if you have any troublesome files, you can upload them to your dedicated technical expert.

The CADimensions team will then compile the information to develop a report for you and your team. The report will also be presented to your team and any questions will be answered at that time.

CADimensions Productivity Assessment is the tool to get your CAD users to get back to being more productive, and helping the company’s bottom line.