CADimensions’ Dedication to You

To our extended CADimensions Family,

When CADimensions started, our mission was to provide our customers with the best value-added engineering and manufacturing solutions to empower them to impact the world, and to this day our mission has not waivered. We have fortunately built strong relationships with best-in-class partners like Dassault Systèmes, SOLIDWORKS, and Stratasys, which has enabled us to serve the most inspiring, innovative, and loyal engineering & manufacturing companies.

Over the years as we have grown and our business has progressed, we have established a culture that differentiates CADimensions from many other service providers. This culture is built off what we call our CADLIFE Values which represent the most important aspects of our business: Customers, Attitude, Dedication, Loyalty, Integrity, Family and Employees. We use our CADLIFE Values as a guide so we can continue to strive to meet the objectives of our mission.

As you may notice, we have changed our appearance to modernize the look of our brand and to really emphasize our CADLIFE Values. We want to welcome you into our CADLIFE family, and we are more dedicated than ever to serving you and providing the support you need so that you can impact the world. We have updated our website to make it easier for you to quickly find the resources you need, including new offerings to help your design and manufacturing processes run more efficiently.

We appreciate your continued trust in us, as your partner and we look forward to furthering our relationship to help you design and manufacture the products of tomorrow, today.

Living the CADLIFE,

Pete, Andy, and Tom DiLaura