Reduce IT Overhead with Cloud Solutions

Are you a startup or a mature company? Would you like to reduce your IT overhead costs? IT costs have been driven up by the global economy and supply chain issues. IT professionals are in high demand. So why not consider cloud-hosted solutions which immediately cut the overhead needed to use high-end software.

Here are 3 business conditions contributing to your overhead costs for IT.

  1. Server Costs and Maintenance
  2. IT talent and Resources
  3. Data Security

Critical Business systems are costly to maintain. Infrastructure and proper maintenance are contributing factors to the high cost. Each of those costs is typically indirectly related to the products you design and build, creating cost overhead in your business. I am going to discuss why each is important and give you a way to forge ahead and reduce your IT overhead immediately.

Server Costs and Maintenance

Server costs can be anywhere from $5k to $20k depending on the requirements. Adding to this is today’s supply chain issues; it can be up to 6 months just to get the components needed to stand it up. The problem gets bigger. We must not forget to add the cost of backing up the servers. You may also want to connect via VPN which requires hardware. Lastly, software costs and yearly maintenance can add thousands of dollars to your overhead costs…all of this for a server that has a reasonable 5-year lifespan.

IT Talent and Resources

You must get IT talent and resources to set up and maintain your server hardware. The lack of resources can have an impact on minimizing the downtime of servers. If this happens, it will affect your bottom line. Many companies are faced with the question to outsource IT services or maintain hired talent. Internal IT is most efficient and can react faster on day-to-day issues; however, outsourced IT can help reduce costs, but you are giving up reaction time. If something happens, it could be a considerable amount of time and money to get it fixed.

Data Security

Is your data secure? Data Security is important to protect your corporate data from ransomware and cyberattacks. Be careful because this is another overhead cost that can skyrocket as you meet or exceed desired data security levels. In the end, most security issues are caused by human error and won’t be prevented.

You Impact These Factors

First of all, there is a simple solution to reducing your IT overhead costs by looking to cloud-hosted solutions for running your business. Moreover, when a solution is cloud-hosted, the costs of the servers are baked into the use of the software and require less or no IT for upgrades or maintaining a server. Surprisingly, most have security that exceeds the standard security measures of most companies.

Most importantly CADimensions offers cloud-hosted solutions for many of your engineering and design activities. In conclusion, this is the time to reduce your IT overhead costs and look to cloud-hosted solutions. Take action and contact your CADimensions team if you want to learn more about our hosted engineering solutions.