Connect Students With 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS For Education

SOLIDWORKS is the industry leading standard for students learning Design and Engineering. Every year, the technology is driving future engineers looking to jumpstart their careers. With industry leading technology comes change; change is necessary to meet the evolving needs of teachers and students. Now the 3DExperience Platform will allow classrooms and students to connect using a suite of cloud integrated applications, all developed in a single platform.

SOLIDWORKS desktop has been used by schools and universities all over the world, why not!! It has over 25 years of being used to develop some of the most important technology of our generation. As times change and more educators and students are looking for ways to be more mobile, virtual and connect in new and collaborative ways, the 3DExperience platform from DASSAULT SYSTEMES’ is a great complement to SOLIDWORKS. It brings team collaboration, data storage and mobility to everyone, everywhere, on any device.

Check out this video to learn more about 3DExperience Platform:

You may be wondering how to add the 3DExperience Platform to your school’s software library. They made that easy as well. There are several bundled packages that enable cloud functionality and adds it to your existing SOLIDWORKS taught in the classroom. Let’s explore three of those bundles.


Project Collaborator includes an application used to connect your SOLIDWORKS desktop to the 3DExperience platform. Using this connector, you will be able to save SOLIDWORKS files to cloud data storage and team collaboration applications. Once cloud saved data can be accessible anywhere on any device.


If you’re considering using SOLIDWORKS for design and engineering, you should consider 3DExperience SOLIDWORKS for the education academic role. This version of SOLIDWORKS has the 3DExperience Platform built in. The integration of the cloud combines SOLIDWORKS desktop and the cloud with seamless workflows, making it even easier to adopt cloud storage and collaboration strategies for your classroom.


Maybe you’re looking for more ways to integrate 3DExperience into other curriculum. The 3DExperience Engineer pack will give you applications covering complete design to manufacture workflows. This platform ecosystem will provide a broad set of tools focused on Engineering, Simulation, Collaboration, Management and Marketing.

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