Celebrating One Year of Empowering Future Innovation


The Emergence of the Lab

The birth of the DiLaura Inspiration and Design Lab is a tale of visionary dedication and collaborative effort that unfolded gradually over time. This remarkable venture found its roots in various contributions paving the way. The culmination of these collective efforts led to Le Moyne College approaching Pete DiLaura with a powerful proposal. After deliberations between Pete and his wife Tara DiLaura – who has been a vital source in the overall success of CADimensions as well as the lab itself, ultimately resulted in the DiLaura Family taking ownership of the space. “And so we agreed to it, that’s how the name came about” -Pete DiLaura. 

The initial vision that fueled the lab's creation was multifaceted, beginning with the establishment of a Maker Lab 12 years ago, then slowly building a CAD software then 3D printing technology  presence overtime. This first step was just the beginning, as the ambition extended to introduce cutting-edge technology to Le Moyne and to initiate a wide array of engineering activities within its walls. One of the most inspiring aspects of this lab is its inclusive ethos, where anyone, regardless of background or expertise, can access and utilize the lab's resources, fostering a diverse and dynamic community of innovators. 

 "When you see the activity that’s going on there, it makes you so proud to put your name on something like that because it's not just a handful of students, it's not just one type of student, there's all kinds of students who go in there to experiment." - Pete DiLaura 

Entrance door to the DiLaura Inspiration and Design LabEntry to the DiLaura Inspiration and Design Lab at the Keenan Center on Le Moyne College Campus

Evolution Over the First Year 

From the original concept – rooted in propelling technology to the forefront, the lab has not only materialized but has grown exponentially over the past year. From its inception as a hub for technology driven creativity, it has transcended expectations. A pivotal moment in the labs journey was the DiLaura Family’s generous donation of the Stratasys Fortus 450, which opened up a world of possibilities, allowing for experimentation with diverse materials and the creation of a wide range of imaginative 3D prints and real-world discoveries. Throughout this remarkable year, the lab has achieved a multitude of milestones and witnessed key developments across various categories. It's become a dynamic space that has not only met but exceeded the expectations of its original concept, demonstrating the incredible potential and adaptability of this groundbreaking endeavor. 

Video Tour of the Lab

Preparing Students for Future Careers 

Le Moyne College has an entrepreneurship program that was individualized and then grew with the development of the lab. This initiative is tailored to students seeking invaluable real-world experiences that will prepare them for success in their chosen career fields. “The whole idea of creating an entrepreneurship program lends itself to not just industrial ideas but having the ability to put things to the test. For example, if I come up with an idea to sell a product, let’s test the theory using the lab before launching the idea.” – Pete DiLaura. 

Through the program's growth and development, the goal is to guide individuals towards a prosperous future by providing them with the necessary skills and self-assurance to excel in an ever-changing world. It's not just a space; it's a catalyst for creativity and a launchpad for the future business owners of tomorrow! 

3D Printing Technology Inside the Lab Featuring the Stratasys Fortus 4503D Printing Technology Inside the Lab - Featuring the Stratasys Fortus 450

Contribution to Le Moyne's Values and It’s Dedication to the Community 

The DiLaura Inspiration and Design Lab is a shining example of how this space plays a vital role in advancing Le Moyne College's values and benefiting the broader community. Insights from Pete and other influential individuals, like Doug Hill the Director of the Maker Institute at Le Moyne underscore the profound impact of this lab. “The DiLaura Lab, beyond its cutting-edge tools, stands as a testament to Le Moyne College's commitment to fostering a culture of entrepreneurial resilience. The lab offers a collaborative environment, where students and professionals alike can brainstorm, iterate, and bring their ideas to life. It's not just about machinery; it's about the melding of minds and technology.” – Doug Hill. 

The lab not only propels the college's values forward but also amplifies creativity, innovation, and the pursuit of knowledge. The lab's positive influence extends well beyond the campus, enriching the wider community with its revolutionary projects, student engagement, and forward-thinking initiatives. This dynamic space has become a bridge connecting the academic realm to the real world, demonstrating how “greatness meets goodness.” 

Pete DiLaura at the opening of the Keenan Center in October 2022

Pete DiLaura at the opening of the Keenan Center in October 2022

Notable Achievements and Projects 

The lab has quickly became a space dedicated to notable advancements, this led to housing a multitude of remarkable projects and accomplishments that showcase its boundless potential. The diversity of work that has emerged from this dynamic space is nothing short of extraordinary, with each project leaving a lasting impact. Two standout individuals, Danny and Jackson, have harnessed the lab's resources to bring their visions to life. As current students who have wholeheartedly embraced the lab's opportunities, they exemplify the transformative impact it can have.  

“One such testament to the center's significance is the story of Danny, a dedicated Le Moyne student with a passion for drones. Facing a dire setback just 48 hours before a crucial delivery, Danny's immediate thought was the DiLaura Lab. It wasn't just the state-of-the-art tools that the lab offered, but the environment – one that encourages swift problem-solving, facilitates rapid prototyping, and fosters a spirit of never-give-up.” – Doug Hill when speaking about Danny Bernabes involvement with current partnership with New Air.  

Jackson Taunton, another dedicated student at Le Moyne College, is deeply involved in the daily operations of the DiLaura Inspiration and Design Lab. Alongside his academic pursuits, Jackson manages three self-created business ventures. He credits his ability to seamlessly launch his ideas through access to CAD software and the invaluable support of the lab in revolutionizing  his concepts into reality. Thrilled to have access to such a transformative space, Jackson exclaimed “I can actually use this place.” 

Jackson Taunton (on the left) and Danny Bernabes (on the right)Jackson Taunton (on the left) and Danny Bernabes (on the right)

Several 3D Print Creations Found Inside The Lab

Several 3D Print Creations Found Inside The LabSeveral Creations Found Inside The Lab

Revolutionizing Creativity 

This lab has played an instrumental role in nurturing creativity among students, faculty at Le Moyne College and the Syracuse community. It serves as a dynamic incubator for advancement, a place where ideas come to life. This space encourages individuals to push the boundaries of their creativity, providing best in class tools such as CAD software and a slew of 3D printers to explore uncharted territories. By providing hands-on experiences, this lab empowers students, faculty, and the Syracuse community to turn their imaginative concepts into tangible, real-world solutions.

Doug Hill, Director of the Maker Institute at Le Moyne CollegeDoug Hill, Director of the Maker Institute at Le Moyne College

Future Aspirations of The DiLaura Inspiration and Design Lab and It’s Promise 

The future of the DiLaura Inspiration and Design Lab brims with promise and potential, underpinned by strategic plans and ambitious initiatives. As a beacon of innovation, the lab aims to further elevate its impact, not only within Le Moyne College but also as a source of inspiration for educational institutions considering the establishment of similar labs. Notably, the lab has set its sights on expanding its partnership with New Air (stay tuned) and continuing to push the boundaries of technology and engineering. This forward-thinking approach is indicative of its commitment to staying at the forefront of emerging fields. In essence, the DiLaura Inspiration and Design Lab embodies a boundless promise, offering a hub for limitless ideas and the potential to reshape the landscape of design, innovation, and education in the years to come. Its enduring legacy lies in its unwavering dedication to fostering creativity, driving community progress, and nurturing the revolutionaries of tomorrow! 

"This has been a vision Tara and I had for many years, so to see it come to fruition has been so exciting.  It is very humbling to know the DiLaura name is etched into the fabric of LeMoyne, and we are so grateful to be able to give back to a place that has given us so much.  It is rewarding for us to be able to play a role in the students and community innovating the products of tomorrow, designed today."  - Closing remarks from Pete DiLaura.