Beyond the Court: Rory’s Inspiring Journey to a Basketball Championship

Rory’s Story

Rory James Cavalier is the second son of Frank Cavalier our Education Software Account Manager. The foundational years of Rory’s life is a story that will leave you feeling nothing short of inspired. When Frank and his wife first learned of Rory’s diagnosis, they did their homework, so that they could truly understand life through the lens of someone with Down Syndrome. The more they read, the more Frank felt it was time to challenge the set path and blanket statements. He holds his attitude to the highest standard – vouching to never allow the diagnosis to define his son. “We’re never going to let anything limit Rory. He’s going to be able to do everything. And I think if you have that attitude, they will live a much better inclusive life having that interaction.”

The Cavalier family.

Rory has always had a tremendous amount of love and support from not only his family but the deep connections cultivated through the Special Olympics organization. The sense of community Rory and his family have experienced over the years has blossomed into everlasting relationships. In addition, the Special Olympics Revolution is Inclusion movement has been a guiding light for the Cavalier family - they play a monumental role in keeping the mission alive by continuing to break down barriers and celebrate all abilities. CADimensions has also pledged its support for the movement.

Rory is 13 years old, turning 14 in July with a larger part of his life being dedicated to sports. He discovered this passion when being enrolled in a basketball program at the local YMCA. From there, Rory became involved in a variety of sports through the Challenger League – a program comprised of several sports for children with disabilities. After discovering his true devotion to basketball in middle school, he was ready to be a part of the Vikings team!

Franks Proposition Becomes a Reality

The Vikings Basketball program is four weeks long and concludes with a game. The team plays against corresponding middle school teams in the area and Rory has been a part of the program for two years. During his first year, Frank had the brilliant idea to 3D print trophies for the final game. Due to lack of timing, Frank decided he would save it for Rory’s second year on the team. Year two came around and Frank was ready to run with his plan. He delivered his proposal to the school and CADimensions President, Andy DiLaura. Everyone was on board and extremely enthusiastic about it. Frank then snapped into action – keeping it a secret from his son and the rest of the team, even the coaches!

A custom-designed trophy for Rory’s team.

CADimensions Dream Team – The Creation of the Trophy

Frank knew exactly who he needed to incorporate on the CADimensions side in order to blow everyone away with these sensational trophies. He pulled in Sara Reynolds, our Service Team Manager to design it, Jim Trajcevski, our Additive Technical Services Manager, and Matt Corcoran our Additive Application Engineer to help facilitate the 3D printing portion. Also, Marc Boeh, our Additive Account Manager responsible for SAF technologies handled transporting the trophy from the Syracuse office to Rochester during his first week at CADimensions – now that’s dedication! We printed a total of two trophies, the same design – one large, one small. The trophies were printed in full color on the J850. Frank was more than thrilled with the result and was prepared to surprise the team.

Snow, Snow GO AWAY!

The sad reality of living in central, NY is the unfortunate level of snow we receive during the winter months. For those who are born and raised here, it is not a shock to learn of multiple winter storm warnings, BUT what is also undoubtedly true, is they always seem to be in the forecast at the most inconvenient times. Of course, this ended up being Frank’s reality when planning out the logistics around the trophies. At first, his concern was delivery, but when the day came Marc did not experience any weather-related implications. The snow had held off until the next day, which happened to be game day, so naturally, Frank was concerned about the state of the game. “We were just waiting to get the text or the call saying all after-school sports are canceled.” However, the snow continued to hold off for the team’s sake and the game was still ON!

The Trophy Reveal

An immense feeling of anticipation set in on the game day. Frank could not wait for the official unveiling of the trophies. He kept thinking about how they would be received by the team, the school, and the other families. What would their reactions be? Once the game had concluded, the 3D-printed awards were presented to the team and an overwhelming feeling of utter disbelief and amazement struck the entire gymnasium. The team passed the trophies around so that everyone had the opportunity to hold them. Some could not contain their excitement they ran with trophies in hand to show their families in the audience. The coaches, the rest of the families, and the principals were astonished. And Rory, truly perplexed and so proud to have such a large accomplishment crafted by his dad. At this point, the trophies live in a display case at Barker Road Middle School – where the team can continue to admire them.

Empowering Rory

Frank’s unwavering commitment to seeing beyond the diagnosis and allowing Rory to live a limitless life sets a profound example. Prioritizing Rory’s authenticity and urging others to - “see Rory first, then learn about his diagnosis” exemplifies a dedication that knows no bounds. As a result of this, Rory continues to thrive and we cannot wait to see what he champions next!

At CADimensions, we are proud to have played a small part in Rory’s story through the creation of the 3D printed trophies. These trophies are not just symbols of a basketball championship, but also of the limitless potential that lies within each of us, regardless of the challenges we face.