CADimensions Donates State-of-the-Art 3D Printer to Le Moyne College, Advancing Tech Education

The latest printer will enhance hands-on learning for students and broaden access to advanced technology in the Syracuse community. 

 SYRACUSE, NY — The DiLaura Inspiration and Design Lab at Le Moyne College has received another remarkable donation from CADimensions – the Stratasys F370 3D Printer. The official handoff took place on April 19th. This printer will equip students and the Syracuse community with sophisticated tools that will elevate educational experiences in engineering and design.

Why This Donation Matters

The Stratasys F370 printer offers exceptional capabilities beneficial for academia: 

Automated Calibration and Large Build Size: Enables students to work on larger, more intricate projects, closely simulating real-world engineering tasks. 

Material Versatility: Allows the use of various materials, amplifying students' experience and adapting to different design needs and functionalities. 

Moving_F370 Placement_Of_F370

The F370 making its way through the halls of the Keenan Center, then being put into place inside the lab


Impact on Education: 

Enhancing Real-World Applications: By linking classroom theory with practical use, the Stratasys F370 provides students with a deeper understanding of their studies and prepares them for professional challenges. 

Career Readiness: Familiarity with advanced technologies such as 3D printing equips students for future roles in industries that rely on these skills, increasing their employability.

Encouraging Innovation: Access to cutting-edge technology stimulates creativity and problem-solving, crucial skills in today’s job market. 


Community Engagement and Educational Outreach:

Le Moyne College expands access to technology through its upgraded lab facilities, engaging the Syracuse community in STEM education. The Keenan Innovators Program, tailored for local middle schoolers, is just one example. The lab's initiatives benefit both students and residents, promoting a deeper appreciation for science and technology. 

F370_SetupOfficial set up of the F370

“As participants utilize the expansive resources of the DiLaura Inspiration and Design Lab, they're not just learning—they're actively shaping the future of innovation. We are building a world where creativity is boundless, and every idea can make a real impact. Adding the F370 printer to the DiLaura Inspiration and Design Lab allows unprecedented opportunities to experiment and create. The DiLaura Inspiration and Design Lab is not just enhancing academic resources; it's opening doors to endless possibilities for all.” - Doug Hill, Director of the Maker Institute at Le Moyne College. 

F370_Ready_To_Go_1 F370_Ready_To_Go_2

The F370 all set up and ready to go!

“Through the donation of this state-of-the-art 3D printer to the DiLaura Inspiration and Design Lab, we're investing in both Le Moyne College students and the wider engineering community. Our aim is to foster exploration and innovation, creating pathways for growth and development in the STEM and STEAM fieldsCADimensions and our family are very fortunate to be part of this incredible learning community.” - Pete DiLaura, CADimensions Founder and CEO. 

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