CAD in the Community – Arise CNY

CADimensions is committed to making a difference in our community and through partnerships with organizations like Arise, we’re able to see that difference every day.

CAD with Arise team

Arise is an organization serving 5 counties in Upstate  New York providing over 50 different programs for individuals with disabilities. The breadth of programs at Arise range from equine therapy, to a mental health clinic, to housing services, and especially meaningful is the Adaptive Design Program. The Adaptive Design Program provides low-cost, custom creative solutions like assistive technology and adaptive equipment for those who may not have the means or insurance assistance to afford them. Arise aims to deliver adaptive tools that make life easier and more meaningful for those with disabilities.

Connor McGough leads the Adaptive Design Program at Arise and has been in the CADimensions orbit since his time at RIT where he studied industrial design before teaching SOLIDWORKS at Syracuse University. Connor’s first-hand understanding of what life can be like growing up physically disabled fuels so much of the passion in his work. In the last several years, Connor and CADimensions have been working very closely on a few projects that support the Adaptive Design Program.

Today, CADimensions is thrilled to be an official supporter of Arise, and in addition to design assistance and 3D printed parts, we’ve even added some manpower to help assemble the final products.

From eating utensils and car seats to iPad holders and classroom chairs, there is no shortage of applications where adaptive design can impact someone’s life. Most recently the team has taken to addressing mobility issues that several families in the community have expressed a need for. Once that need from the community is identified, Arise works with CADimensions and other partners to source the best starting point, which will be adapted for each child.

Toddlers who require the use of a wheelchair will find limited and expensive mobility options, so Arise took on the challenge of retrofitting Hot Wheels “Wild Thing” toys to use a single joystick and get the child familiar with the controls. These mobility devices are critical because most kids don’t have powered mobility options before age 5, so they can’t engage with their environment and be independent. The freedom these children enjoy through their new mobility tools is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.

This collaboration is so important to the families who receive these adaptive devices because the impact these adaptive devices can make is real and it’s life-changing.  Despite a long friendship, our work history with Arise has just begun and we’ll continue to shine a lot on the positive impact CADimensions is able to make in our community!