The Next Generation of Learners and the Need for Increased Digital Education

What does education of the future look like? The next generation of learners, primarily Gen Z, is carving a dynamic course for that vision. Though not too far away from their Millennial-aged peers who were among the first generation to reap the reward of online learning, generation Z demonstrates a need for increased digital learning in a tech-savvy environment. 

We dove into Pearson’s Next Generation report to dig up exactly what makes today’s learners tick. Let’s peel back the key traits of Gen Z as they pertain to education, as well as how their education will be shaped in the years to come.

Key Traits of the Next Generation of Learners 

Gen Z is ambitious, highly motivated, and eager to learn. In fact, 65% of Gen Z is driven by the desire of reaching the apex of their career. They find risk-taking and career growth exciting, likely due to their optimistic outlook. 56% of Gen Z respondents believe they have more opportunities for success than their parents, and 57% are optimistic about the future. In comparison, these numbers are lower for millennials. 

Gen Z learners are comfortable with technology, prefer learning in a digital environment, and are constantly looking for new ways to learn. Whether it be YouTube (59%), in-person activities (57%), learning apps or interactive games (47%), generation Z utilizes it all to build their knowledge and skills. 

The next generation of learners genuinely sees the value of education, considering college an important part of their future success. They are also driven to take ownership of their education, which is reflected in their desire to have a say in their learning experience and to make their own decisions. Still, 80% of Gen Z believe teachers are important to learning and development.

Diversity Plays a Large Factor 

Generation Z is more diverse than ever before, leaning on a wide range of learning styles and needs. This group does not subscribe to classroom cookie-cutter methodology. Instead, they prefer a personalized approach that takes into account the individual needs of each student and provides tailored learning. 

This means educational institutions must be prepared to meet the needs of today’s learners by providing flexible, accommodating learning environments. Additionally, Pearson’s report emphasized the need for educators to embrace modern technology and tech trends, using them to facilitate engaged learning experiences. 

3DEXPERIENCE: Collaborative Online Learning Platform for Gen Z

By providing personalized learning experiences and embracing industry-leading technology, educational institutions can engage the next generation of learners in the ways they need it most. 
The 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides the opportunity for collaborative learning and teamwork, merging tech, interactive modalities, and growth opportunities.