The All-New Stratasys J850: Full Color & Texture

Stratasys has announced the J850, a new 3D printer that builds upon their previous J750 platform. The J750 is one of very few full-color 3D printing options available today. The J850 adds an extra model material to the J750, giving it not only full-color, but also unmatched multi-material capability. The result is 3D printed prototype models that come off the print bed nearly identical to what a final product will look like.

How many materials are needed for full-color 3D printing on the J850?

If you are mixing colors to print onto office paper, you typically need four: cyan, yellow, magenta, and key (black). Most often, the paper stock is white, so there is no need for white ink. In 3D printing, the feedstock is colored resin, so a white resin needs to be added to achieve the full-color spectrum.

2D Full-color vs. J850 3D full-color printing.

However, real-life objects are made of more than just rigid opaque plastic. Some features of objects need flexibility. Others may need transparency. The J850 can print three-dimensional models that offer full color, transparency, and rubber-like features in one model, without the need to change materials at any point in the process. It does this by blending 7 different model materials together.

Different printing methods in a perfume bottle with the J850.


Full color 3D printing and multi-material 3D printing are both fast-growing niches within additive manufacturing. The J850 is a logical step forward for Stratasys to build upon their existing capabilities. The 3D printer is a perfect fit for any consumer products or industrial design business.