Manufacturing Independence: Origin In-House Capabilities

Using a service to 3D print parts, components, and prototypes, has grown exponentially over the last 2 years as more companies look to re-home otherwise internationally outsourced production. The most sought-after 3D printing technology is FDM due to its versatility and wide range of materials, from standard ABS all the way to high-performance ULTEM. As the demand has grown, so too has our technology portfolio which now includes DLP with the Origin One in-house at CADimensions.

New Technology, More Applications

Our Stratasys ‘Origin One’ is a DLP printer powered by P3 (Programmable Photopolymerization) technology which sets it apart from other DLP machines. DLP printing uses a 4k projector to cure high-performance photopolymer resins layer by layer. The key differences of the Origin One, when compared to our other printers, are the accuracy, fine details, surface finish, and end-use quality of the parts. The Origin One has over a dozen unique materials that cover a wide variety of use cases, including high-impact durable resins, standard ABS-like resins, high heat resistant resins, and even elastomeric resins.

Origin One


Origin One is one of the fastest 3D printers on the market. We’ve found that parts that would normally take 8-12 hours on our FDM printers, take just one hour on the Origin. The determining factors for print time are material selection and more importantly the height of the build. Since the machine is curing the entire surface area at each layer, the print time for one part versus 5 parts remains the same. Furthermore, due to the 14.5-inch build height on the Origin, parts can be stacked within the build volume, one on top of the other, to maximize throughput.


Regardless of the technology, all 3D prints start with one thing, a design. Whether it’s a simple bracket or a complex functional prototype, our talented team of designers and engineers are up for the task. Not every part is a good fit for 3D printing, but we are here to guide you through all stages, from the initial idea, to design, to the printed part.

Should I 3D Print This?

You may have asked yourself at one point: could this be 3D printed? Our additive team is here to answer that question and guide you through material and technology selection to ensure you have exactly what you need for your project.

We fully expect the Origin One to become one of our most popular printing technologies, as the parts that come off the machine are some of the nicest 3D printed parts we’ve seen yet.

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