How 3D Printing Is Replacing Traditional Production Methods

3D printing is more than just rapid prototyping. Major manufacturers are finding huge success in replacing traditional manufacturing methods with 3D printing. These are what we see as some of the best opportunities for utilizing 3D printing in production.


Wait. Didn’t you just say that this 3D printing is much more than prototyping? Yes! Most often, the prototyping and manufacturing processes are different because you’re ironing out the prototype to be ready for mass production. Wouldn’t it be great if you prototyped using the same technology you go to production with? Using the same method ensures consistency and quality when scaling up from 10 parts to 10,000.


3D printing is one technology that can replace many others. Don’t go listing all your production equipment on E-Bay just yet; if you have the right application, 3D printing can absolutely up-end your production floor. A 3D printer never takes breaks, schedules no time-off, and can work around the clock to deliver efficiencies that make a difference in the bottom line.

Lead Time

The global supply chain is experiencing a bit more volatility than in years past, causing headaches, financial trouble, and let’s face it…no one likes to slow down and wait. By bringing additive manufacturing in-house, you control your lead times. You can decrease your reliance on global suppliers when you can source your components on-demand, anytime you need them.

There Can’t Be Only One

Google “3D printing” and you’ll see that it runs the gamut from hobbyists making figurines to companies like BMW replacing metal parts for plastic ones and, for every unique application, there are best-fit technologies. One size does not fit all. Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), Digital Light Processing (DLP), and Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) methods have been proven to produce the best results for mass manufacturing. Finding the right printing technology to support production-scale operations is no easy feat, which is why we did the hard work for you.