6 Ways You Should Invest in Your Employees With Professional Development Opportunities

If you want to prepare your brand for the future, you must invest in your employees with professional development opportunities. Your business grows and changes, which means your team should too!

Professional development increases their skills and contributes to their overall well-being and value. Giving back to your employees increases retention and results in a happy workplace where people can feel fulfilled on the job. Here are six ways to invest in your employee’s personal development.

1. Provide Online Training

Offering online workshops or training options provides flexible learning and is conducive to a hybrid team. This includes pre-recorded courses where your employees can complete the training on their own terms and select the best content that fits their needs. This also includes online training with a live instructor, like CADimensions CAD courses which include beginner and advanced lessons to enhance your employees’ CAD skills.

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2. Provide Mentorship

Approximately 45% of workers turn to their manager or mentor when they need to learn something, according to Degreed. This stat alone highlights the need for mentorship opportunities in the workplace. Try setting up in-house mentorship opportunities for employees to shadow someone.

Which of the following did you consult for guidance or recommendations when you needed to learn something for your job or career last year?
Which of the following did you consult for guidance or recommendations when you needed to learn something for your job or career last year? Degreed

3. Host Learning Events

Bring in the experts for in-house learning events or personal development fairs. Hire a guest speaker to come and talk about a relevant industry topic and pay your employees to attend. They are on the clock, after all.

4. Send Employees to an Industry Event

An industry event is a wonderful personal development opportunity for employees. If possible, pay for their ticket or provide some type of financial support to aid their trip to the event. Also, allow time off work for them to attend a certain number of event days. This is a significant way to show employees you care and to help them stay on top of current market trends and learn better skills to bring back to your company.

5. Encourage Community Involvement

Offer discounts, incentives, or membership opportunities with local community organizations and businesses. Having a presence within your community looks good for your brand’s image and nudges your employee’s participation in local initiatives.

6. Offer Company Cross-Training Opportunities

Today’s workers crave a dynamic experience at work, utilizing their skills and finding ways to explore avenues they think they’ll enjoy. By offering cross-training opportunities, employees who usually work in one department will get the chance to explore a different apartment and broaden their understanding of their skillset and the company as a whole.

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