Why STEAM DAY Is So Important

What is STEM/STEAM Day?

Children are going to see brighter futures and more opportunities when they embrace science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics or STEAM. The rise in STEM/STEAM occupations is pushing the demand to introduce these disciplines at an early age, and one way to celebrate that impact is STEM/STEAM Day which is recognized on November 8th.

State and Federal lawmakers and educators are working to broaden and strengthen STEM/STEAM education at the K-12 levels. Naturally, students who excel in science and math at the high school level are going to be more likely to declare a STEM/STEAM major when they get to college. Students also enter the workforce directly after high school with little or no technical education courses under their belts. Those who did take STEM/STEAM related programs at technical or vocational schools are more likely to enter skilled technical jobs. Ensuring students are ready for a workforce that expects them to be skilled and technically savvy is everyone’s responsibility. While these technical careers can lead to above-average salaries, the best way to start people down a path of science and engineering is by introducing STEM/STEAM curriculum early on.

How Can You Celebrate STEM/STEAM Day?

Teaching children about STEM/STEAM is not something that needs to take place in a classroom setting or even out of a book! There is an endless supply of activities, experiments or discussions that can be had with young students now to get them excited about STEM/STEAM topics.

  • Take personal hobbies and relate them back to STEM/STEAM.
  • Lead a campaign to raise funds for additional science supplies.
  • Utilize STEAM kits that are available in a huge variety of subjects, from how composting creates energy to electrical circuits!
  • Use the autumn season to look specifically at how leaves change, birds migrate or assign coding projects for cold days.

CADimensions Kids STEM Day 2019

At CADimensions, we know that getting kids excited about STEM at an early age is the key to giving them the skills to be critical thinkers. As technology moves forward at such an exponential rate, it is important to get their minds opened up to understanding the technology.