Why Lean Team Player Will Benefit Your Business

In a world where speed is king, improving the efficiency of business operations is more important than ever. One way to quickly improve efficiency is to go Lean with Lean Team Player(LTP). Whether having issues with teams working separately or lacking structure and content, applying Lean principles can have an immediate positive impact.

So what exactly does Lean mean? Lean is defined as a methodology of focusing on minimizing waste while simultaneously maximizing productivity. In other words, reduce waste + increase productivity = increased profits. Lean is starting to sound pretty good, now how do we implement a Lean strategy?

In the past, companies have used whiteboards and sticky notes for their Lean team meetings. But it’s 2021 now, and we need to be using modern digital solutions. That’s where Lean Team Player comes in.

Lean Team Player

Lean Team Player is a role on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform that enables managers, team leaders, and team members to participate in collaborative team meetings. Using the 3DLean application within the role allows teams to revolutionize the traditional whiteboard meetings and conduct their meetings in a digital cloud-based environment. Below are five key benefits that can immediately have a positive impact on your organization by using LTP.

Benefit 1

Simplify live team interaction regardless of where or how people work. In our very remote world, staying connected and engaged in team meetings is more important than ever. This role is a cloud solution that allows teams to stay connected, even while physically separated.

Benefit 2

Help teams communicate in engaging and natural ways. Using eye catching visualizations and graphics helps teams engage in discussions and work to solve problems more efficiently together.

Benefit 3

Specific teams can be defined in Lean Team Player. Only team members that need to be involved in specific meetings can be added. Therefore, empowering teams to work independently and autonomously.

Benefit 4

Leveraging the role can identify problems, assign problems to team members and generate actions to resolve these problems. This information is all stored in a digital environment, where meaningful data, team knowledge, and know-how can be used to make informed business decisions.

Benefit 5

Make Lean thinking a standard part of your business, teams, and culture. Using LTP to guide the adoption of Lean behaviors will empower your teams to improve performance every meeting, every day.


Adopting Lean principles by using the Lean Team Player in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform can greatly impact meetings and overall company productivity. If you would like to learn more about the role in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform be sure to check out this page: