The Biggest Design Challenges In Simulation

Lighter, Stronger, and More Reliable. These are the biggest design challenges in Simulation. Here’s why: Product designers from all industries are constantly juggling many different design considerations when designing the latest iteration of their new product. Balancing performance considerations, form factors, safety tests, and weight constraints is a delicate dance that can take months to get right.

Traditionally, these variables are all taken one at a time and have to be split out into separate prototypes and tested individually. This process takes a significant amount of both time and money, pushing out the development process by months or years in some cases. However, with the rise of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) programs like SOLIDWORKS Simulation, we can start accelerating the design cycle and working to get our products to market faster.

Cutting Cost Challenges In Simulation

Being embedded right into the familiar SOLIDWORKS CAD modeling space allows SOLIDWORKS Simulation to integrate seamlessly into the design process. Rather than waiting for expensive physical prototypes to be manufactured and tested, we can set up the loading conditions virtually and get results faster than ever. Updates to the CAD model geometry are effortlessly transferred into the Simulation and new results can be generated.

simulation beam

What if…?

One of the other advantages to having everything be done virtually is the ability to test almost unlimited design variables like geometric changes, material changes, updates to the loading conditions, and more. With a few simple clicks, we can set up an entirely new set of changes and compare the results as soon as they’re done solving!

drop test animation

Accelerate Time to Market

The combination of being integrated right into the CAD workflow, being able to test an infinite number of “what if” scenarios, and cutting down on both time and money in the design cycle almost makes SOLIDWORKS Simulation a no-brainer to add to the development cycle. If this still sounds scary, our Simulation services team can help you cut down your design bottlenecks and guide you to success!