Iterate and Prototype Faster Than Ever with 3D Printing

The name of the game in new product development is time. Time to prototype iterations, time to market and time of development go hand-in-hand in bringing a new product to the masses. According to the McKinsey Global Institute, for every 7 product ideas, only 1.5 launch. Of those that do launch, only one will yield a successful product. This means designers need to ideate and iterate fast. The faster the iteration process can be, the more successful products hit the shelves. 3D Printing brings not only speed but added capabilities designers only dream about.

Insource for Speed and Achieve More

3D Printing is not new to the product development process. Even simple prototypes can take weeks to reach a designer when outsourcing. Reducing lead times to hours or days translates to weeks saved in the development cycle. On top of time savings, Polyjet printing provides unmatched realism.

Polyjet printing allows designers to mix and choose from over 500,000+ colors. This includes Pantone verified colors, ensuring both color predictability and repeatability. Polyjet allows designers to print with a wide range of durometers and textures. Feel and function integration now happens at the proof of concept level.

Functional product matching prototypes printed on the Stratasys J750 3D Printer for mobile charger strap with distinct color textures
Functional product matching prototypes printed on the Stratasys J750 3D Printer for mobile charger strap with distinct color textures

Communicating your Prototype through Visualization

We know the value of prototypes bring to our designers and engineers, but what about the rest of the company? These tools can help explain design intent to your sales and marketing teams. This allows sales to be more prepared to develop accurate sales pitches. Marketing will better understand how to portray the product’s value to potential customers. This is on top of a prototype’s value in communication to key stake holders.

Realistic prototypes allow your investors and managers to better understand how designs work. Communicate design intent, feel form fit and texture, and show functional components. These details help drive development forward and resolve details not conveyed through e-mail.

3D Printing Prototypes in my Business

Polyjet 3D printing gives new product development teams unmatched capabilities. Reduce lead times by bringing prototype production in-house. Increase design iteration and quantity by printing many different models at once. Make realism a priority through predictable colors, feel, and function. Help communicate ideas to all aspects of the development process - from other designers, sales, marketing, and your investors. Finally, get your best ideas into the market and start making money!

Multi-color / material 3D printers from Stratasys are the ultimate instruments for product development and production applications for high precision.