SAF Technology: Enhancing Precision and Productivity

In the ever-evolving world of manufacturing, technology milestones continue to redefine the way we design, prototype, and produce goods. One such groundbreaking innovation is Stratasys powder-bed fusion printing technology – Selective Absorption Fusion (SAF). SAF is gaining significant attention for its ability to refine precision and productivity in various industries. Let’s dive into the remarkable benefits of SAF technology and its transformative impact on additive manufacturing. 


Understanding SAF Technology  

How does SAF work? “Selective Absorption Fusion (SAF™) 3d printing is a polymer powder bed fusion process that uses industrial-grade piezo-electric printheads that jet high absorption fluid (HAF) onto a powder bed to define the area in which to form the 3d-printed object. 

The powder bed is then exposed to infrared (IR) energy. The parts of the bed that have HAF have a higher emissivity, which allows it to absorb more IR energy than the surrounding powder. This selectively fuses the parts in a layer-by-layer process.”  


Design Freedom and Innovation 

Through the power of SAF technology, parts that were once challenging or impossible to achieve using traditional manufacturing methods, are now obtainable. This design freedom empowers engineers and designers to push the boundaries of what is possible, unlocking their creativity and enabling the production of highly customized and unique components.  



Automation and Increased Productivity 

The reusable aspect of SAF material reduces waste and enhances productivity, as components can be manufactured with high repeatability and consistency. This allows manufacturers to optimize their operations, achieve faster time-to-market, and meet the demands of high-volume production while maintaining exceptional quality standards. 

 “The savings in production time and cost, including labor, are obvious when 3D Composites can turn out prototypes and part iterations at a faster rate than other AM (Additive Manufacturing) processes. SAF is proven to reduce lead times from weeks to days, over other AM processes like injection molding.“ 


Industry Applications of SAF Technology  

Selective Absorption Fusion has found diverse and extensive applications across industries. In the aerospace and automotive sectors, SAF permits the production of lightweight, durable components with intricate geometries, improving fuel efficiency and performance. In healthcare, SAF facilitates the creation of personalized medical models and prosthetics, tailored to individual patients' needs. The consumer goods industry benefits from SAF's ability to produce complex and customizable products, enriching design flexibility and market competitiveness.  

How SAF 3D Printing Is Reshaping Industries



Looking Ahead – New Era of Manufacturing Continues 

SAF technology powered by the H350 3D printer from Stratasys is revolutionizing the manufacturing realm by enhancing precision and productivity. Its ability to deliver design flexibility, and accelerated production times makes it a pivotal solution in the additive manufacturing space. As more companies adopt SAF technology, we can expect further advancements, expanded applications, and a new era of manufacturing excellence.