Can Data Management be Considered “Scary”?

Getting your company data into a data management system could seem like a daunting task and, maybe, even a little scary. We will discuss some of the challenges and questions in implementing a data management system and some of the ways that CADimensions works with our customers to overcome those challenges with our years of experience.


Privacy and Security

Many customers have concerns about their data being on the cloud with the 3DExperience platform. The most common question is about how their intellectual property is being secured to make sure bad actors cannot access it. Dassault Systèmes has built several layers of security into the platform, from secure logins on every device; security in the cloud, at the application and virtual systems; and stringent security procedures to the physical server farms.

For details about the security measures in the 3DExperience platform, check outthis blog posting.

Government Customers

Many companies work with the Department of Defense and other government entities where they are not permitted to have their data on the cloud. This may certainly be a roadblock for a cloud solution today, but contact CADimensions about SOLIDWORKS PDM as an on-premises option for data management.

Resources and Planning

You may look at the scope and size of implementing a data management solution and think that it is just too large of a project to take on and plan. CADimensions has helped our customers implement product data management solutions for the last two decades and are an industry leader in helping companies successfully implement data management on the 3DExperience platform. Let our team work with yours in project planning and then implementing the solution.


This should come as no surprise, but cost has a large role in whether a company implements a data management system. It is a good idea to budget accordingly for the different costs that go into data management. Traditional on premises solutions involve software license costs; yearly subscriptions; implementation and data migration service costs; server hardware/software costs, upgrade costs and IT support.

On the 3DExperience platform, you have a scenario where you can eliminate several costs from on-premises solutions. The IT support, server costs and software license costs are not needed because the cloud solution is a SaaS model (software as a service). The software is automatically upgraded, the servers are managed by the software provider and IT generally is not involved in supporting the software or hardware.

Regardless of where your business stands with their data management situation, CADimensions can alleviate any headaches to get you up and running quickly. We have been implementing on premises solutions for almost twenty years and cloud solutions for the last several years. Contact us today to discuss getting onto cloud data management.