3D Printing for Rapid Prototyping

For fans of “The Glass Onion - A Knives Out Mystery” you know that the goal of achieving success such that your name is forever tied to something is no easy task. For those who have not yet seen this movie, we won’t spoil anything for you, suffice it to say, a main character strives to have his name forever be associated with the Mona Lisa. If you’ve not seen the movie, we highly recommend it. The same could be true for “3D Printing” and “Rapid Prototyping”. Those two terms should forever and always be linked together for through 3D printing is real rapid prototyping possible. Unlike the mystery of the “Glass Onion”, the reasons why are a bit easier to follow.

Is Now A Good Time?

When should you be rapid prototyping?

  • You have a physical change to your product and you need to see form/fit/function/feel and make changes as necessary. This needs to happen over and over in some cases so moving quickly through versions is critical.
  • You need to prove a concept and see the physical relationships between pieces and parts to evaluate usability.
  • You need to evaluate for manufacturability. Being able to prototype rapidly allows you to work through design and assembly flaws or conflicts by working with the same material (plastic) as your final product.

Mentioned In The Same Breath

3D printing IS rapid prototyping. It’s the most capable technology because it offers nearly unrestricted design freedom with a universe of materials, colors, textures, and features. Whether you’re in textiles, large equipment manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, or medical device manufacturing, 3D printing is the best rapid prototyping technology, no matter your industry.

Your Partner In Prototyping

CADimensions is among the leaders in the United States for connecting world-class companies with rapid prototyping solutions that drive their ideas forward. Throughout the entire process, you can trust in our 30+ years of experience to deliver prototypes that impress.